“John embodies characteristics many people spend the length of their lives trying to discover within themselves.

It takes a very specific kind of spirit for a fully able person to become one of the highest ranked traditional Goju Ryu martial artist in the world. John solved that puzzle with half the number of pieces.

John isn’t a chess grandmaster, nor is he a world class musician. I pick those examples for obvious reasons, neither require you to be able to run a 4 minute mile.  John wanted to be a martial artist – there was probably only one person on earth that would have called that a “practical” decision at the time.

John brings his spirit to everything he does in life. He sees untapped potential in everyone and spends a great deal of his time helping people discover that for themselves.

Johns existence brings perspective to other peoples lives. The world is a difficult place and we all live through hard times – John the hallmark example of what can be achieved in spite of trying circumstance.”

Christoper Rae


“A great day thanks Karen, Corey, Terry (academy awards for you), Michael and John. Really useful stuff I’ll rehearse and practice for if the time ever comes to use it. Really relevant thanks for your organisation Karen”.

Symon Still


“The wheelchair Self Defence Course today has been fantastic! Thanks to Karen Harvey, Brett, Terry and Cody for holding a fantasic & very important day. And especially thank you Karen for bringing the amazing Mr John Marrable 5th degree black belt (from NZ), to show us some empowering techniques to use in our own defence”.

Chelsey Phillips


“We truly appreciated the opportunity of hosting you more. It was great hearing your inspiring story and even better seeing others especially young kids enjoy and take something from the experience. Your attitude to life is awesome, something I aspire to be like. Thanks again”

Kate Morrison – Clutha District Youth Council

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