Body Recovering

What a year 2015 it has been.

February attended a great karate camp in Australia and trained under the IOGKF Chief Instructor Sensei Tetsuji Nakamura.

Before leaving for the Camp I had taken our dog, Mika, a keeshond, to the vets. She had been off her food and it looked like a tooth was causing her problems. On my return from the camp her health was getting worse and we learnt that she had tumors on her liver and one kidney. It was with great sadness that we had to say goodbye to our girl on the 13 February. Mika had given us nearly 12 years of happiness and love.

I then learnt that I had a collapsed disc between L4 and L5 and that I would have to stop table tennis. I was working towards qualifying for the 2016 Paralympics.
I got my back operated on in April and the operation was a success but NO training for at least three months.

Then 3rd June our house got flooded. nearly 10cm of water through the house.

Things started to change for the best when I was offered a full time job with Barrier Free New Zealand Trust. I will be reporting on building plans and physical buildings with regards to compliance to Building Standards for Accessibility.

I went for my 3 month check with the back surgeon the other day and he is pleased with the progress but no twisting yet. I am not even allowed to put my chair in my chair yet.

I have started back at karate teaching and am starting to do sanchin regularly. I am also pushing as much as I can to get my fitness up.

All going well I will do regular updates on this site on my progress. I am heading to Canberra end of October and my goal is to be as fit as possible by then.